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I’ve been using Muskd lash enhancer for 3 weeks and the results speak for itself. I no longer need eyelash extensions and my lashes have become fuller and healthier! 

- Alissa

I heard about Muskd through a friend who had the most beautiful and long lashes. Tried this and after two months all I can say is WOW. My lashes are now three times longer.

- Katy

My lashes were becoming sparse from eyelash extensions, I tried this serum to regrow my lashes and after a month my lashes not only grew back but longer and thicker. This stuff really works.

- Kalyn

After obsessively over-tweezing my eyebrows for over a decade, I used eyebrow pencils and even considered getting a permanent eyebrow tattoo to make them look thick again! After I used the Eyebrow Serum for 4 weeks, my eyebrows have never looked better! I’m so happy with my new, natural-looking eyebrows!

- Sierra

I’ve always had super blonde, thin eyebrows. I just kind of thought full eyebrows weren’t for me, even though I really liked that look. Well, after using the Eyebrow Serum consistently for a while now, my eyebrows look full and thick without makeup. No more photos where I don’t look like I have any eyebrows!

- Brittany

I was tired of feeling like I had to draw on eyebrows every day to get them looking how I wanted. When I heard about Muskd Eyebrow Serum I decided to give it a try. My expectations were exceeded when after just about a month I started noticing a difference in the thickness of my eyebrows. It’s been great to see them grow over time—I love how they look now!

- Maddie